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About SNRB

When a nerve root in the back becomes compressed, it can cause leg and/or back pain. As a common injection, a selective nerve root block (SNRB) is often used to diagnose the specific source of a patient’s nerve root pain and as a treatment for the relief of low back pain.

During the SNRB procedure, the nerve is approached and injected with lidocaine and anti-inflammatory medication using the fluoroscopy (x-ray) technique. With more than 15 years of experience treating back pain, board-certified spine surgeon Dr. Kendall Carll will assess your condition during an examination to determine if SNRB could help you regain your functionality and quality of life. Contact Spine Care of North Texas to schedule an appointment at our Plano or Addison,TX locations.

Ideal Candidates

As there are many different types of injections for back pain, only Dr. Carll is equipped to decide who would most benefit from SNRB. Using your medical history and a medical evaluation, Dr. Carll will look for specific criteria to determine your eligibility. Candidates for SNRB typically:

  • Suffer from back or neck pain
  • Have pain or numbness in the upper or lower extremities
  • Have failed to respond positively to other nonsurgical treatment
  • Have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, sciatica

If you have an allergy to medication, are currently taking Coumadin, or have an active infection, you are not a candidate for SNRB at this time and should share that information with Dr. Carll.

Procedure Technique

The SRRB procedure will begin with the injection of a local anesthetic through a small needle into your back. You may feel a slight pinch and a light burning sensation, followed by numbness in the treatment area. Next, Dr. Carll will use fluoroscopy to help him guide the procedure needle into the proper position. You may feel pressure during this time. Dr. Carll can inject more local anesthetic as needed, but you should not feel pain during the insertion. During the injection of the medication, you may feel a temporary ache along your nerve root for approximately 15 seconds. This sensation is normal and should not cause alarm. If the tip of the needles meets your nerve root during the procedure, you could feel a little “shock,” similar to bumping your funny bone.

What to Expect

Patients have reported feeling that their legs and arms feel heavy or slightly numb immediately following their injection. This is common, so please do not be alarmed. You may also feel a temporary relief of your back pain, which is from the use of local anesthesia during your procedure. Your pain is likely to return in the following days. We advise all patients to return home and rest for at least the rest of the day. You are welcome to perform activities that are tolerable and do not cause pain. For discomfort near the injection site, we recommend you apply ice as needed.

The risk of side effects with this procedure are slim to none. However, side effects are always a possibility with spinal injections. If you experience headaches, bleeding, infection, or an increase in pain, contact Spine Care of North Texas immediately.

Block Back Pain

Spine Care of North Texas is committed to helping you achieve pain relief in the most minimally invasive manner possible. By using advanced diagnostic techniques and relying on his extensive experience, Dr. Carll restores another patient’s hope and quality of life every day. If you or someone you love is plagued by back pain and are ready to seek a solution that will last, we encourage you to contact one of our facilities at your earliest convenience. Stop back pain in its tracks today with the help of Spine Care of North Texas in Plano and Addison,TX.

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