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What is an X-ray?

An x-ray is an electromagnetic wave of high energy with short wavelengths used to take photographic images of an individual’s internal anatomy. X-rays use radiation to create detailed images of your spine. The black-and-white images can be created using special film (regular x-ray) or a computer (digital x-ray). Several x-rays may be necessary to capture images of each of the 33 vertebrae in your spine. Board-certified North Texas spine surgeon Dr. Kendall Carll uses digital x-rays to determine and diagnose the underlying cause of a patient's back pain. From his practice, Spine Care of North Texas, Dr. Carll treats a variety of back conditions using digital x-rays to help him reach a comprehensive diagnosis.

Best Candidates

While they are considered the most common tool used to see inside your body, x-rays are not the most detailed diagnostic tool available. However, they are often the first test doctors to help them determine the next course of action. Any person who is suffering from back pain or is suspected to have a back injury is a candidate for a spinal x-ray. The diagnostic imaging may help to diagnose any of the following conditions:

  • Broken bones
  • Arthritis
  • Spinal disc problems
  • Tumors
  • Osteoporosis (thinning of the bones)
  • Abnormal curves of the spine
  • Infection
  • Spinal birth defects

Are They Safe?

As x-rays do use radiation, some patients fear that they are not a safe tool for diagnostic imaging. Radiation can cause changes in the cells that may lead to cancer, and it is true that it poses a certain threat for pregnant women. Those who believe they are pregnant should inform Dr. Carll or the x-ray technician so that other arrangements can be made. Dr. Carll is a skilled spine surgeon who will prioritize your health above all else. If he feels that an x-ray is not ideal for your condition, another diagnostic test can be scheduled. However, it is important to note that spinal x-rays take such a brief amount of time, that radiation exposure is extremely limited, posing very little risk to the patient.

What to Expect

Before your spinal x-ray begins, you will be asked to remove anything made of metal and change into a gown. Next, you will lie down on your back on a special exam table. The x-ray machine will be hanging from a specialized lift above your head and will be lowered down by the technician to obtain the images. Other parts of your body may be covered with an apron made of lead to help prevent radiation exposure. You will be asked to remain still for a few seconds while the electromagnetic waves pass through your body. This will be painless, but you may hear buzzing and clicking noises. If necessary, you may be asked to roll over onto your stomach or stand and bend to capture comprehensive images. The entire process should take around five minutes. Once your images are prepared by the technician, they will be sent to Dr. Carll to be read. Our team will call you (or schedule an appointment) to discuss your results.

A Clear Diagnosis

Dr. Kendall Carll of Spine Care of North Texas is a skilled spine surgeon with an exceptional talent for restoring patients’ functionality and pain-free lifestyles. X-ray technology and diagnostic imaging help Dr. Carll and our team to ensure that we have the proper diagnosis before we create a treatment plan for your spinal injury or condition. It is our supreme goal to treat your condition in a minimally invasive manner. We hope to rely on modern nonsurgical treatment methods to help relieve your pain and reverse the damage caused by your spinal injury. Let us help you put your back pain behind you. Call Spine Care of North Texas today.

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